about us


Having lived and practiced natural medicine as a physician in Raleigh North Carolina for nearly 20 years, Angela wanted to combine all the things she loved most throughout her practice. They include flowers, sun, and benefiting people.  Certain elements of flower essence have been used traditionally to provide natural health benefits that calm, clarify and uplift both the body and soul. Combining quality water with individual flower essence was an ideal match! LEV means heart of the flower in ancient dialect. And since this product is made from the heart of the flower and with love, she felt it was appropriate to name it LEV.
We hope you enjoy it! We LEV you!


After practicing nearly 20 years, I felt called to make a larger contribution to the planet and help promote global peace and harmony. To this end, the flowers that are used in lev can not only calm the mind and spirit but also awaken the consciousness of the heart. I deeply believe this is exactly what the earth needs right now. The flowers are personally grown by me and their essences made with this intention. I hope you can feel love in each sip. Thank you so much for drinking lev water.
— Dr Angela Baylis



Kai has been on the path of wellness through the healing arts for over 20 years and as a career for 15. Her work as a massage therapist, Yoga teacher and an Elite Certified Tantric Educator has made living with an open heart and connection a central part of life.

It has been a natural evolution to join with my sister in this beautiful concept. It is such a gift to share our love for one another and our community in this supportive way.